6 Makeup Tips For Brown Eyes

1. Metallic Tones for Brown Eyes

Makeup Tips For Brown Eyes

Brown eyes are so beautiful, no matter what shade they are, why not bring them out that much more with some metallic tones? Golds, bronze, browns and even pinks are all colors that can truly make your brown eyes stand out that much more!

2. Neutral Colors for Brown Eyes

Makeup Tips For Brown Eyes
If you’re looking for makeup tricks for brown eyes that are a bit more natural, why not go with some neutral shades? Taupes, peaches and even browns are all great colors that go fantastic with brown eyes. Remember, you can just go with eyeliner in these colors too, that will really highlight your eyes!

3. Shimmer
Makeup Tips For Brown Eyes

This really goes for any and all eye colors! Adding in a bit of shimmer to match your eyeshadow color can really make your eyes pop and is the ideal makeup trick for brown eyes. Come on ladies, who wouldn’t want to add in a bit of shimmer to their shadow?

4. Under Eye Concealer

Makeup Tips For Brown Eyes

If you have a problem with dark circles under your eyes, there are ways that you can hide that and really make those baby browns pop! Just place a bit of under eye concealer there and blend, blend, blend. After that, cover up completely with foundation and you’ll see just how awesome your brown eyes can look without those dark circles under them!

5. Know Your Color

Makeup Tips For Brown Eyes

You want to know about the color of your brown eyes. Whether they are amber brown, deep chocolate brown or light, light brown – you want to match your eye makeup to the color of your eyes. Brown eyes come in so many different shades!

6. Try Cobalt Blue

Makeup Tips For Brown Eyes

While a lot of different eye colors can not pull off this stark color, brown eyes can! It really allows the color to be brighter and really draws out the bright brown in your eyes. Whether you have lighter brown eyes or darker, cobalt blue is a hot color for brown eyes!

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